How To Redeem Your Free Agent Branded App Coupon

  • If you have received an email from Realy with a unique promotional coupon link, click on this link and you will be prompted to log in to your Realy profile.
  • Once logged in, you will be taken to the payment page, where your promotional coupon code will pre-entered for you.
  • Enter your credit card information, check the box to accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and click Subscribe.


  • Next you will be taken to the "Submission form" page.
  • Upload a photo for your "App icon" by clicking on the "Add Photo" button. This is the image of your app that will appear in your clients' phones when they download it. 

  • You can crop your photo by moving the corner arrows

  • Under "App name" write the name of your app as you would like it to appear in the app stores and on your clients' phones.
  • In the "Description" field, write a description of your business as you would like it to appear in the app stores.
  • Click the blue "Finish Later" button to save your information and return to it later.
  • Click the orange "Save & Finish" button to submit your information for approval from Realy and the app stores. 
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